New Zealand Lace Society

NZLS Book & Equipment Libraries

We have 2 Libraries with a number of items that are available for members to borrow.

The Book Library includes books, patterns, videos and library boxes.

The Equipment Library includes bobbins, pillows and misc items

Library boxes are file boxes containing a variety of magazines and news letters from groups all over the world that the society has received in a certain year. These are lent out to groups or individuals on a random basis within New Zealand for the period of a year. If you wish to borrow one of these please contact the librarian an she will inform you of the costs involved.

To borrow any of the following items at any time from the library there is a $2 charge and postage costs are to be covered by the borrower.

Some of the books available are listed below. A full list can be down loaded here -

Library List by title

Library list by Author

It is updated with new additions through out each year.

Title Author

100 Traditional Bobbin Lace PatternsG Stott & B Cook
101 Torchon Patterns Robin Lewis-Wild
A Manual of Bedfordshire Lace P Robinson
A Manual of Hand Made Bobbin Lace Work Margaret Maidment
Bobbin Lace PatternsPamela Nottingham
Bobbin LacemakingDoreen Wright
Bobbin LacemakingPamela Nottingham
Colour in LaceAnn Collier
Creative Design in Needlepoint LaceNenia Lovesey
De Techniek van de kloskant Stropkant - M J Geers-Vermeulen
De techniek van het KantklossenAnnelie van Olffen
Drafting Torchon Lace Patterns Alexandra Stillwell
Dryad Lacemaking patterns -Set 1&2 Rae Clare
Duchesse PaternSister Judith and Ans Vogels
FantaisieKumiko Nakazaki
Flanders Lace - 4 (3 new designs)Nadine Pauwels
Geometrical Bucks Point LaceAlexandra Stillwell
Idrija LaceB Cook & M Tratnik
Introduction to Bobbin Lacemaking Rosemary Shepherd
KantklossenSally Johanson
Kantklossen Slag Voor SlagZus Boelaars
KloppelspitzenClaire Burkhard
KloskantCarmen Acket-de Meza
KnypplerskanInga-Lisa Olsson
KnypplingSally Johanson
Koppel - arbeiten Reprint from the orginnal 1925
LaceL W van der Meulaen-Nulle
Lace Fans A Collier
Lace Making and CollectingPenderel Moody
Lacemaking point groundC C Channer
Needle made LacesPat Earnshaw
Needlelace Designs & TechniquesC Barley
New Bobbin Lace Patterns Tiny Zwaal-Lint
New Braids & Designs in Milanese LaceP Read and L Kincaid
New Designs in LacemakingKrishna Malmberg & Naime Thorlin
New ideas for Miniature Bobbin Lace R Snowden
New Patterns in Honiton Lace C & B Biggins
Patronemap Blaanderse Kanten 1Walter De Keersmaecker
Pattern Design for Torchon LaceJane Atkinson
Pillow LaceMincoff and Marriage
Pincushions, Pendants, PaperweightsGillian Dye
Point ground Lace Ruth Doepfner-wettstein
Rosaline LaceGhislaine Eemans-Moors
Russian Lace PatternsAnna Korableva & Bridget M Cook
Schneebergse KantSchneeberger SpitzAnnelie van Olffen Spikermann
Special Effects in Bobbin LaceSandi Woods
Syallabus 1,2 & 3 Anne-Marie Verbeke-Billiet
Tape Lace (Russian)Nadine Pauwels
The Bedfordshire Family of LacesJennifer Fisher
The Book of Bobbin Lace StitchesB Cook and G Stott
The Little book of ChristeningsJean and Mary
The Little book of CollarsJean and Mary
The Little book of FlowersJean and Mary
The Little book of Hankie EdgingsJean and Mary
The Little book of WeddingsJean and Mary
The Romance of the Lace PillowThomas Wright
The Technique of Bobbin LacePamela Nottingham
The Technique of Bruges Lower Lace V Sorenson & J E H Rombach de Kievid
The technique of Filet LacePauline Knight
The Technique of Torchon Lace P Nottingham
The Torchon lace workbookBridget M Cook
Thistles, Roses, Daffodils, & ShamrocksJean Leader
Threads for Lace 3rd editionBrenda Patternoster
Torchon Lace PrickingsPamela Nottingham
Torchon Lace for TodayJennifer Fisher
Torchonpatronen Henk Hardeman
Winslow Lace Industry - 1875-1925Pamela Nottingham
TullgrandspitzenRuth Doepfner-wettstein
Grund Variationen Brigitte Bellon
Further Steps in Honiton Lace Susanne Thomson
Honiton Lace A Practical GuideCynthia Voysey
New Designs in Honiton Lace Pat Perryman & Cynthia Voysey
Honiton Lace P. M. Inder
Withof Lace Trudev.d.Heijden, Biemans, Yvonne Scheele, Kerkhof, Puck Smelter Hoekstra
Design Techniques for Modern Lace Veronica D. Sorenson
The Technique of Honiton Lace Elsie Luxton
Honiton Lace Patterns Elsie Luxton
Intorduction to Honiton Lace Susanne Thomson
Royal Honiton Lace Elsie Luxton & Yusai Fukuyama
Beginners Guide to Bobbin Lace Gilian Dye & Adrienne Thunder
Floral Bedfordshire Yvonne Scheele Kerkhof
Bobin Lace Flowers Doris Olsen
Needle Lace with Carol Williamson British College of Lace
Brugge Bloemwerk
Bedfordshire Lace 1,2,3,4
Honiton Lace
Torchon Lace 1,2
Spangled bobbins, Pillows (different sizes), miscellaneous items

Older English Lace Magazines

We also now have yearly packs of older magaiznes available to be lent out.

Contact the librarian to see what is available.